All you need to know about Tonsillectomy Surgery

What you need to know about Tonsillectomy Surgery

What you need to know about Tonsillectomy Surgery

Tonsils are the glands in our throat that help to fight infections. Sometimes tonsils swell or become infected. In such cases they cause problems, such as difficulty in breathing and sleep apnea. Tonsillectomy surgery is a procedure of removing these glands. It is a very old procedure. According to an estimate it has been practiced in Indian medicine for more than 3000 years.

When is it necessary to have a tonsillectomy surgery?

While the decision for a patient to have a tonsillectomy surgery is based upon the doctor the patient is consulting, there are some symptoms common in all cases that point that the patient may have to go through tonsillectomy surgery. One of the signs of the need for tonsillectomy surgery is when the patient is suffering through chronic tonsillitis and has severe throat pain due to it.

Another symptom that points towards the possibility of a tonsillectomy surgery is If the patient has sleep apnea and cannot breathe properly while asleep. Another of the times for thinking about the possibility of a tonsillectomy surgery is If a patient has developed tonsil stones in his/her throat. Sometimes tonsillectomy surgery is performed on patients who have developed so large tonsils, it becomes difficult to swallow or eat. As a guideline, according to the American Academy of Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery (AAO-HNS), a patient must go through tonsillectomy surgery if he/she is attacked by sore throat more than three times a year.

Tonsillectomy Procedures

The patient is made to lie down on his/her back. The shoulders are elevated on a special pillow, so that the neck is in a hyper extended posture. This position is called the Rose position in terms of surgery. Tonsillectomy surgery takes almost an hour. The patient is given anesthesia during the course of surgery. While the assistants help keep mouth open, the surgeon cuts the glands away by the help of a scalpel, a laser device or by means of a heated instrument. The bleeding is controlled by electrocautery and by the use of a protein known as thrombin. Tonsillectomy surgery is an outpatient procedure.

Tips on Postoperative care

Most of the time, patients feel a sore throat after the first two weeks of tonsillectomy surgery. More and more cold fluids should be used after the first few weeks of tonsillectomy surgery, to remove after-surgery swelling. Ice cream and dairy products are difficult to swallow, so they should be avoided. Fluids like cold juices and popsicles are highly recommended.

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