Tonsillectomy Recovery for Children and Teenager

Tonsillectomy Recovery for children

Tonsillectomy Recovery for children

Tonsillectomy refers to the surgical procedure that is usually performed in order to eradicate tonsils from the left side and the right side of the patient’s throat. These tonsils are eradicated as a way of offering a lasting solution to the recurrent bouts of pain and infection in the throat of the patient. There are several ways through which the tonsil infections can be handled but most of these are short term remedies which include consistency the use of antibiotics or better still waiting for the infection to clear on its on. On many occasions these remedies only contribute to preventing the need to have the tonsils removed. In most cases however, the tonsils are eradicated in the patient childhood years because you are bound to experience quick tonsillectomy recovery besides experiencing less pain. Even then the tonsillectomy recovery period varies between children and adults.

Child tonsillectomy recovery

During the tonsillectomy recovery period for children, it is recommended that the child be under observation because they are usually under anaesthesia that is given to suppress the pain during surgery. However, for easier and faster tonsillectomy recovery, patients are advised to consume soft foods and if possible take mainly fluids for at least two days accompanied by bed rest. The intake of fluids during tonsillectomy recovery is mainly to reduce the risk of dehydration. In some instances, the doctor could recommend pain relievers for example acetaminophen. The scabs from the surgery are expected to fall off at least five days from the day of surgery. Patients are also bound to experience some bleeding but owing to the fact that tonsillectomy recovery in children is quick, the bleeding should not be severe. In fact, children should be fully recovered after about a week or two.

Although the tonsillectomy recovery for teenagers is expected to be similar to that of children, a few more days are needed for adults who are also likely to have a difficult experience. In fact, the tonsillectomy recovery period for adults is estimated to be between ten to twenty days. This however, comes with the possibility of experiencing pain in the mouth for a period of over one month as well as bleeding which may vary from mild to severe as the scabs start healing. In the event that the patient experiences bleeding which doesn’t stop during the tonsillectomy recovery period then there may be need to go back to the emergency room to address it immediately. This can be managed through the standard procedures that are performed that will stop bleeding. Severe bleeding could also be triggered the state of the patient’s stomach during the anaesthesia phase. Dehydration is believed to increase pain during the tonsillectomy recovery period hence the need to ensure adequate intake of fluids if possible, all through the day so as to keep of the pain in the throat. In fact, Most of the patients who have had severe building were found to be dehydrated. Also important to note is that during this recovery phase you must keep physical activity at minimum so as to promote proper healing.

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Kim Morgan November 6, 2012 at 5:43 pm

My 4 year old child had her tonsils and adenoids removed a week ago today. On night 4, she began waking up screaming & holding her ears. Is this normal?


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