Virtual Tonsillectomy Surgery, how it applies in Tonsillectomy Recovery Process

Tonsillectomy is a common operation that is usually performed to a patient who suffers from frequent bounds of tonsillitis (inflammation of the tonsils). It is usually performed on children but can also be applied to adults. To get the know how on the procedure that a patient undergoes which culminates to the tonsillectomy recovery, virtual tonsillectomy surgery has been found as one way that can give a patient confidence as he or she prepares to undergo tonsillectomy. Virtual surgery helps the individual in foreseeing how easy the process could be and how after the surgery, the patient is put on a tonsillectomy recovery watch for up to 8 hrs before he or she gets discharged from the hospital.

Just to understand how comfortable and easy the procedure takes, the virtual tonsillectomy surgery allows the patient to get the opportunity of performing the procedure on a virtual subject; it is usually started out by clicking a button which takes the patient to inserting a breathing tube on the virtual subject to help in the breathing. Remember that the patient was given a sedative before he or she was brought into the surgery room. This is the same situation that the patient would undergo in real life. The next step is to get the patients mouth opened wide; here a virtual mouth gag retractor is used to prepare a bigger room to work while you operate on the virtual subject. Once the mouth is wide open, the infected tonsil can now be seen, by using a special tweezers, the infected tonsil is grabbed and extended then by using an electoral cutlery device; the tonsil is freed from the host body. By removing the tonsil by the use of the electoral cutlery device helps in the tonsillectomy recovery in that, it uses high current to cut and cauterize the infected tissue by reducing blood loss.

By using the guillotine clamp, the tonsil can then be clamped and pulled out with ease. To cauterize any bleeding areas, the electoral cutlery is used, this way the tonsillectomy recovery process becomes easier. Remember that there is usually no need of stitches in tonsillectomy because the part of the throat operated heals quickly. After a successful removal some irrigation insertion can be used to clean the mouth, the patient is then send into recovery and some antibiotics used while being kept on watch for up to 8 hrs.

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