Tonsillectomy Recovery Tips

Tonsillectomy Recovery Tips

Tonsillectomy Recovery Tips

Tonsillectomy recovery involves various steps if one is to get through the entire process without getting depressed and feeling lost. Tonsillectomy is the tonsils removal to ease in breathing and food passage to the stomach through the throat. The reason may have the tonsils removed is probably after an inflammation that may cause them to block the throat which later causes difficulty in breathing and food swallowing.

After undergoing tonsillectomy, the patient requires a proper procedure that would help him or her during the difficult times through the tonsillectomy recovery process. There are particular tips that can be used to by patients to aide to quick recovery. One of the well known tips is by taking drinks to keep the throat open. A steady flow of cool liquid will ideally aide in the process of tonsillectomy recovery.

Reviews from victims of tonsil removal state that tonsillectomy recovery could be assisted by avoiding sleep for sometime. It appears as if sleeping can be a cause that can make tonsillectomy recovery a bit difficult. This is the reasons patients are usually advised to avoid it in the first one week according to victims who went over the same process and realized that sleeping was a major factor that hindered smooth recovery. This is how sleep can affect tonsillectomy recovery, while asleep, people tend to open their mouths, while this is not a problem at all, when the mouth is open, it renders the throat to run dry where as causing a lot of pain therefore setting an alarm towards the intervals of half an hour could help out in the regular hydration process.

Another tip that can be taken into consideration towards tonsillectomy recovery..

…is by getting a good humidifier which could be used to moisturize the surrounding air and is common for treating strep throat. Always keep a written log of your medications is another tip to help in your recovery. This is because it is possible to forget what you may have taken and when. By having a list or a log of the medicines that you may have taken can help a lot if at all you may require attention from a doctor which would help him or her in deciding the new prescription.

Although it may not seem as a method or tip to help in the tonsillectomy recovery process, it may come in handy if you read or got reviews from victims in your position and gave out your own opinion in terms of your experience. Sometimes getting live information from someone who underwent your situation can help you a lot in foreseeing what you may probably have been doing wrong or what you may not have been doing to give it a try.

Delicious food can lure someone into forgetting whether he or she underwent a tonsillectomy a few days or a few hrs ago. It is always necessary to avoid food that the doctor may have cautioned against. This means that following doctors instructions carefully without getting misled by increased appetite can actually aide in the recovery of the tonsil removal.

The other tip for tonsillectomy recovery..

…that could be taken into consideration by patients is by chewing gum especially when pain seems to traverse to the ear which is adversely very common within the first few days during tonsillectomy recovery. It is necessary to consider that the gum should be sugarless. This is because a gum with sugar can prove dangerous to the wound as in the first place it may have been the cause of the inflammation that incidentally ended up to having them removed.

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Angie February 24, 2013 at 7:49 pm

I agree with the use of a humidifier! I was extremely helpful to me when I was recovering from my own tonsillectomy.

Some other tips I would recommend:

1. Start drinking fiber EARLY: This helped immensely during my recovery.

2. Take the pain pills on time – every four hours.

3. Stay positive – the pain will not last.

4. Be on the lookout for something called “taste disturbance”. This is when the tongue blades put pressure on something called the glossopharyngeal nerve (ninth of twelve cranial nerves). This causes food to taste quite odd after surgery. I was told by my doc that this is normal, and it should pass. However, it depends on the individual as to how long it takes to recover.

Any other questions? Read my blog:



admin February 25, 2013 at 4:51 pm

Thank You for this great tipps!!


Audrey Flaherty March 29, 2014 at 4:16 pm

Great! Great! Tips for the tonsil and i really very happy to got your great tips. Definitely will come again to read more new. Thanks for sharing with us!


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