The three major types of adult tonsillectomy

Major Types of Adult Tonsillectomy

Major Types of Adult Tonsillectomy

Tonsillectomy is basically used in reference to the surgical procedure for the removal of tonsils that may be on both sides of your throat just behind your mouth. In some cases adenoids may also be removed alongside the tonsils. This is however dependent on the basis of the surgery. The choice of going for a tonsillectomy is not a light one because adult tonsillectomy is characterized by a slow healing process compared to adults as compared to children who go through the same procedure. Besides, it is argued that tonsils play a very important role in the immune system.

There are three major types adult tonsillectomy

The first one is Cauterization which involves the burning out of the tonsils. The second method of adult tonsillectomy involves cutting out the tonsils using a wire-saw loop before stitching up all the incisions or even a scalpel. The third adult tonsillectomy method is electocauterization which involves the removal of the tonsils using a scalpel. However, instead of stitching, the wounds are sealed using burning. The latest adult tonsillectomy method is laser surgery even though it is surrounded by controversy arising from the spaces that are close as well as the closeness of the throat which is easily damaged.

There are a number of reasons that could result in adult tonsillectomy

The first could be a result of a defect at birth or when the tonsil is too big thus hindering breathing, swallowing or sleeping with ease. The other reason that could lead to adult tonsillectomy is recurrent infection of the tonsils thus the need to relieve the body from regular bouts of tonsillitis. The third common basis for adult tonsillectomy is when the patient has a peritonsilliar abscess close to the tonsils which may be a result of severe tonsillitis.

It must be noted that even though adult tonsillectomy may be performed based on the above scenarios, the tonsils or adenoids are likely to grow back in the event that the doctor leaves small parts of the tonsils in the patient’s body. The tonsil tissue is made of same kind of skin that could easily grow back when removed or injured. Even then, the chances of the tonsils growing are not very high and even when they grow, they may not be such a bother hence you may not necessarily have to get them removed.

The recovery duration for adult tonsillectomy is estimated to be between two and six weeks. If you are working it is wise to take sometime off work to ensure that you fully recover from the adult tonsillectomy. It is only after two weeks after you have gone through the adult tonsillectomy that you will be able to consume solid food. This again will be dependent on whether you are experiencing pain as well as the doctor’s instructions.

In most cases, adult tonsillectomy lasts at least all day even though some patients are likely to be discharged as soon as they gain consciousness. A prescription of painkillers and antibiotics is usually prescribed to hasten the recovery and ease pain.

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