Tonsillectomy Recovery – Staying Positive Before and After Tonsillectomy

Tonsillectomy Recovery - Staying positive

Tonsillectomy Recovery - Staying positive

Whether you are a grown man or grown woman, any surgery could be utterly scary, in order to curb this fear, you need to build a positive heart which should help you get through surgery as well as get you through the tonsillectomy recovery process that may take up to 20 days to some patients.

The first thing that individuals could do before they enter into the procedure is choosing an ear, nose and throat doctor that they properly trust. By getting a good ENT, they will stand a chance of getting the actual information that they require to getting through the operation. A caring and knowledgeable ENT will always be proficient in explaining the procedure thoroughly therefore the patient recollects courage and confidence before entering into the procedure. This is the same courage that the patient may be required to employ during the tonsillectomy recovery procedure.

Having a positive mind is always very important before you even embark on your journey to the hospital. Tonsillectomy surgery is common and is just like any other external surgery. By knowing in heart that the procedure that you are probably about to undergo will be helpful to you could be the thing that would help you get through. Imagining yourself not experiencing the health problem that you are just about to have taken care of could also help you in staying positive towards the journey of tonsillectomy surgery and tonsillectomy recovery.

After surgery, the next process that follows is recovery, it is important to have painkillers or pain medicine ready after surgery because the recuperation period will be dictated by how strict you stay on the dose. If you happen to miss a dose, then you would need to know that the pain may even be more and this is why it may be better to set an alarm for reminding you about the taking of your medicine. Proper tonsillectomy recovery does not mean that the patient may have to take more medicine than required, it is always good to read the labels of the medicine, if you cannot, then have the doctor who prescribed the medicine to you explain at length. This helps the patient in making sure that he or she does not take more than required as medicine can be poisonous and dangerous.

Tonsillectomy Recovery Process

Water is very important towards the tonsillectomy recovery process, it does not only help you stay positively feeling comfortable but it also ensures that your body stays hydrated which is commonly very important during the recuperation process. it is therefore necessary to take piles of water everyday although during the first to second day it may be uncomfortable especially very cold water. If this may be the reason then, you could try taking the water at room temperature. Tea can also work out to the throat although it is important to avoid hot liquids.

The body as we know needs nutrients in order to help in the healing process. As in the case of tonsillectomy recovery, it may be somehow difficult since the patient may not be in a position to swallow solid meals. In order to necessitate the uptake of nutrients, the patient should try taking soft foods soonest. This will nourish the healing body during the pain medication intakes. Some of the soft foods that the patient can take during tonsillectomy recovery include; mashed potatoes, oatmeal, soup, jello, and Cream of Wheat. Doctors tend to recommend patients to staying away from dairy products which tend to thicken the mucous in the throat making the healing process even more difficult and challenging.

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Ray Arcovio August 28, 2012 at 8:50 pm

Today August 28,2012 is 1 week since my tonsillectomy and I can honestly say it has been a week of pure hell with seemingly no end in sight.
I am a 67 year old male and was advised by my ENT Doctor to have this done as I was having trouble swallowing and my tonsills were very enlarged.
I have read quite a bit of material on the recovery process and although I am sure who ever wrote the material is sincere but it just does not agree with what I have been facing.
After 1 week I can hardly drink anything including my pain medication, and as far as eating I have only been able to get down a very small portion of oatmeal.
The pain has been so severe it has brought tears to my eyes on several occassions. If I had to do it over I believe I would pass


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