One of the most common methods of Tonsillectomy Surgery

Tonsillectomy Surgery - Tonsils Removal

Tonsillectomy Surgery - Tonsils Removal

Tonsils are said to be in the lymph family hence they are lymph node that are located behind the mouth. There are several reasons that could lead to the removal of tonsils in both children and adults through tonsillectomy surgery. Among the many reasons include frequent pain and infections, sleep apnoea, presence of an abscess as well as an obstruction of the airway. For some adults however, the pain the may be more severe compared to that experienced by children. This again varies from one patient to another.

One of the most common methods of tonsillectomy surgery involves the use of a wire loop is used in the removal of the tonsils from the back of the throat. This process however requires the patient are be subjected to general anaesthesia.

The second form of tonsillectomy surgery

Is referred to as electrocautery whereby the tonsils are cauterized and burned. The doctor performing the procedure could also use the laser which will only require local anaesthesia and may reduce the post operation recovery period as well as the amount of pain experienced during this time. There are other tonsillectomy surgery procedures that could be discussed with you by the doctor before settling in the most convenient for you.

It is also important to understand that the decision to go for a tonsillectomy surgery varies from one patient to the other depending on the doctor’s advice. Even then there are several symptoms that are common to all cases that may require the patient to undergo the tonsillectomy surgery. Among the signs that are an indicator for tonsillectomy surgery includes the presence of chronic tonsillitis that is characterized by severe pain in the throat.

The other symptom that could result in the recommendation of tonsillectomy surgery is when the patient experiences sleep apnea and is not able to breathe well when sleeping. Also, tonsillectomy surgery may be recommended when the patient develops tonsil stones in the throat. In some instances, tonsillectomy surgery may also be performed for patients whose tonsils are so large that they have difficulty in swallowing and eating. Some medics recommend that the surgery should also be performed for persons who happen to experience sore throats at least three times or more within a year.

The tonsillectomy recovery period is estimated to be between ten to twenty days even though every patient’s duration period is bound to be different from the other. Usually doctors prescribe medication to ease that pain that is associated with the surgery. Besides the medication staying hydrated also contributes towards the reduction of pain in a huge way. During the recovery period it is recommended that patients eat soft foods especially the first few days after the operation. In the event that you experience bleeding after the surgery do not hesitate to consult your doctor. Even then, the bleeding is expected to stop without necessarily taking medication. It is advisable that if the tonsils are so severe, you should consider going for surgery as it is a permanent solution as opposed to medication.

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