Eating of foods during Tonsillectomy Recovery

Eating food during Tonsillectomy Recovery

Eating food during Tonsillectomy Recovery

Tonsillectomy is a 3000 year old medical procedure whereby tonsils are removed on either side of the throat to ease in the proper functioning of the throat. During tonsillectomy recovery, there are particular foods that patients would be required to take. After the first few days of the operation, the throat is usually swollen and therefore there is no way that the patient would be able to be in a position to swallow solid foods. In most cases, to make the tonsillectomy recovery procedure easier and bring down the inflammation on the throat, very cold drinks could be taken. Some of these drinks and chewable products include puddings, slushies, sorbet and popsicles. It is advisable for the victim to avoid various dairy products and other cold products like ice cream and frozen yoghurt. This is because these products are known for leaving a film in the mouth which is sometimes difficult to swallow contributing a strain to the throat making it pain even more where as the tonsillectomy recovery process becoming a challenge.

Tonsillectomy recovery can take from 10 to 20 days

And during this time narcotics are usually prescribed by the doctor to aide in the recovery. The patient could further be advised to maintain a diet of liquid foods. Very soft foods could also be taken during the recovery procedure and mostly a few days after the operation. It is necessary to avoid rough or textured foods as well as foods rich in acidity. This is because these foods tend to cause the wound not to heal as required by inflicting it every time the patient intends to swallow. These foods also cause increased pain besides the damage that they may responsible for. Tonsillectomy recovery can be aided by several options. Some of the options are related to the medication that the doctor prescribes for the patient where as the other options are connected to the care that the patient takes while in this process. The care could be by taking some certain foods and avoiding others. Observing dehydration is another factor that the patient needs to close on. When there isn’t proper hydration, there can be increased throat pain and thus why the patient needs to maintain a proper fluid intake.

When a patient takes rough food during tonsillectomy recovery, it may lead to bleeding when the scabs begin sloughing off. This is the reason why these foods should be avoided at all cost. Beside this probability, bleeding can also occur on the uptake of soft foods. Sometimes, gargling of cold water could stop the bleeding but if it surpasses, medical attention is highly recommended. This could be done by visiting the doctor who performed the operation where the doctor could administer some liquid or chewable medicines. Trying to use the cold water that could stop the bleeding before first getting the go ahead from the doctor should be avoided as this could cause the cauterized area of the skin to bruise. Therefore it is always necessary for the patient to stay in touch with his or her doctor for ease during the tonsillectomy recovery process.

The foods we eat after tonsillectomy surgery could very much dictate the success of the tonsillectomy recovery process. This is the reason why getting views and opinions beside the doctor could help a lot and make the process a bit better. It may not be possible to recover nicely by getting general information from an individual who may not have suffered before or from an individual who may not have undergone the process of the tonsil removal. Therefore getting information from real victims should count more than just getting it from the doctor or secondary sources of information like the internet.

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