Adult Tonsillectomy – A surgical relief

Tonsillectomy Surgery

Tonsillectomy Surgery

Adult Tonsillectomy is a type of surgical process carried out in adult, in which the tonsils along with the lymph tissues of the throat region are removed from the body. In simple terms, it is the removing process of tonsils from the throat. A tonsil is lymph nodes which are present in the both side of throat region of the body to prevent the germs and infections to enter into the stomach thus belong to a part of immune system. As in the body, there are more of the lymph nodes performing the same works as of tonsils, so the body can take care of the immune without tonsils if necessary to remove.

Need of Adult Tonsillectomy

When the tonsils get severely infected, known as tonsillitis, or become prone to such infection causing you sickness all the time, it is suggested to go for a tonsillectomy. Also in some cases, the tonsils more often get enlarge causing an abrupt obstruction in swallowing and other disorders, so it is considered good to remove them off. An adult tonsillectomy is also carried out in order to check the tissue for a doubt of throat cancer or any other problem.

Process of Adult Tonsillectomy

This is a safe surgical process which is carried out by a specialist Ear-Nose-Tooth (ENT) surgeon. The surgery is being carried out under the anaesthesia so as the patient does not feel any pain or anything while surgery. There are several techniques for Adult Tonsillectomy including the LASR surgery, Dissection surgical method or simple surgery by knife. The whole process of the surgery including anaesthesia and other regular activities, take around 30 to 40 minutes but the actual surgery is only of few minutes in which the tonsils are cut and taken out. The good part of the surgery is that the patient will be relieved on the same day for home.

Complications involved in Adult Tonsillectomy

Normally the adult tonsillectomy is considered to be little more painful than tonsillectomy in children though still it is a very safe and almost no pain technique. In some cases bleeding may occur so it’s always better to stay for the day at hospital. Other complications besides moderate pain in throat can be pain in ear, mucus with blood from throat and bad breath. There are several pain killers available which works well with the pain in throat and ears.

Along with necessary precautions, it will always be good to be in touch with the doctor after few weeks of surgery so as to remove any doubt of complications.

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